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(site updated May 9, 2015)

The NJPT was established in May of 2006 where a group of family and friends could gather together once per month for some good times, great company, and, of course, to beat each other senseless at cards!

LAST TOURNAMENT RESULTS:  Saturday, April 25, 2015

Win 'em in bunches must now be the motto of John (BeemerGolf24) B., who took down his second tournament in his last three tries. John's play was solid and consistent throughout the evening, and despite an awful result during a particular hand at the final table, he was able to rebound with time to spare and take the win...(more)

Keep Your Pipes Clean - Final Hand

NEXT TOURNAMENT:  Sunday, May 17 @ 2:00


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 Cara Gails

The NJPT uses Copag Fall Edition 4-color Poker Index cards, and custom chips designed by Scotty K. and manufactured by ABC Gifts and Awards.

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